McCulloch Commissioners Vote To Initiate Termination Of Rattlesnake Energy Tax Abatement


McCulloch and Mason County Commissioners’ Courts will held their regular meetings on Monday, June 10.


McCulloch County Commissioners addressed an agenda with 10 action items, beginning with a request from the Brady Rotary for permission to place American and Texas flags around the Courthouse Lawn on each of the 11 Federal Holidays. The request was approved on a 3-1 vote, with Commissioner Carol Anderson voting against. She indicated she is concerned about the vulnerability of the County to getting other, unwanted and problematic, requests without having a County policy in place specifing that only the U.S. and Texas flags will be flown on County property.

In other action, Commissioners voted  to affirm their determination there is no evidence Rattlesnake Energy is not in  default  on the terms of a Default Notice delivered to the company in January, 2023. Commissioners followed up on that determination by next voting to approve having the Wetsel and Lederly law firm send a letter to Rattlesnake Energy notifying them of plans to terminate the Tax Abatement Agreement originally signed in 2015.

Following the session, McCulloch Commissioners held a Workshop for an update on progress on the FEMA project in Precinct 4.


Mason County Commissioners began their session at 8:45am with a presentation by Mason County 4-H members.

Other agenda items included departmental reports, accepting donations and grants, accepting a donation from Friends of the Sheriff and a discussion of Subdivision Regulations.