McCulloch, Mason County Commissioners To Hold Regular Sessions June 24


The McCulloch county and Mason County Commissioners’ Courts will be meeting for their  regularly scheduled sessions on Monday.

McCulloch County –

McCulloch County Commissioners will begin with three discussion items. The first will be a request for a grant from the McCulloch County Conservation Association. Next will be a pre-construction meeting with the Rochelle Water Supply Corp.

The third item will be a discussion of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between the City of Brady and McCulloch County for Emergency Medical Services in the County.

McCulloch Commissioners will then address a dozen specific items related to health and life insurances for County employees.

The session will conclude with a request from the Brady/McCulloch County County to use the Courthouse lawn for July Jubilee celebration, and consideration of establishing a new position of an Investigator for McCulloch County using Senate Bill 22 funds.


Mason County – 

At their meeting Monday, Mason County Commissioners will consider a request from Texas Fort Trails to sell alcohol at Heritage Park during the Old Yeller Day festivities.

Other items on the Masons agenda will include designating an officer to calculate tax rates and update the property tax database; amend Fund 2700 for Friends of the Sheriff; purchasing election equipment for the November election; and approving fringe benefits for the AgriLife Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent.