McCulloch Commissioners Propose Mediation To Resolve EMS Impasse With Brady Council

The first action item on the agenda for the McCulloch County Commissioners regular session Monday was consideration of a payment of $213,000 to the City of Brady for EMS services in 2021.

The Brady City Council voted unanimously last Tuesday night to hold firm on their determination that McCulloch County’s share of the cost for operating EMS services in 2021 is $213,000. According to the City’s calculations, 16% of the calls made by the EMS in 2021 were in the County, and the $213,000 figure is 16% of the net cost for operating the EMS.  McCulloch County Commissioners had previously indicated a willingness to pay $198,000 based on their calculations.  However, City Council effectively turned down that offer with their vote Tuesday night.

As part of their discussion Monday, County Commissioner Carol Anderson voiced an opinion agreed to by other Commissioners that the City had been engaged in a one-sided negotiation and had not provided clear answers to the questions that had been raised by the County.  Commissioner Anderson suggested, and the Commissioners agreed, that the City and County utilize a mediator to resolve the situation.  They also agreed it is in the best interest of the taxpayers to put the issue to rest and develop a agreeable method for determining the County’s share of the EMS cost. Commissioners voted to table the issue while pursuing the prospect of mediation with the City Council.

Other items on the Commissioners agenda included voting to raise salaries, expenses and other allowances for County officials; recorded their votes to adopt the County budget of $5.2 million for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 — an increase of $445,000 over the current year; and voted to ratify the property tax increase reflected in the budget.  Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Thursday on the proposed tax rate for 2022 which will be .75 cents per $100 valutation — an increase of .1 cent from .74 cents last year.

Following their meeting, Commissioners held a workshop devoted to discussion of subdivision regulations.