Mason City Budget, Tax Rate Public Hearings Set For Monday


The Mason City Commission will begin its  meeting Monday at 5:30pm with two public hearings — the first for the City’s proposed budget for the 2023-2024 Fiscal Year. The second public hearing will be for the proposed tax rate for the 2023 year at a rate of 17.3 cents per $100 valuation.

Following the public hearings, the Mason City Commission will convene its regular session and will start with a review and discussion of three policy updates for the City’s Texas Community Development Block Grant contract.

After that, the Commission will take up the discussion and approval of the City’s 2023-24 budget and the 2023 tax rate.

Also on the Commission agenda will be the consideration of year-to-date revenues and expenses and any adjustments that may be needed before the end of the fiscal year.  Other items on the agenda will include a resolution related to the proposed water dam on the James River.

The Session will conclude with an Executive Session devoted to the yearly performance reviews for the City Secretary, Patti Allen, and City Administrator John Palacio. Following the executive session, the Commission will reconvene in open session to consider the Yearly Performance Reviewsand any salary adjustment for City Secretary, Patti Allen.  The Commission will also be considering the Yearly Performance Review for City Administrator John Palacio and a possible salary adjustment in response to the review and/or renewal of his contract with the City.